Skincare Knowledge Resource

If you ever find yourself bewildered by too many skin care options and choices, this resource intends to add some clarity to currently available treatments and procedures. Among the topics discussed here you will find research-based information on dermal health and management of persistent problems associated with skin conditions, review of products and ingredients, as well as suggestions for best at-home skin care practices.

Popular publications and internet Web sites often offer conflicting or dated information on matters concerned with acne, hyperpigmentation, Rosacea, and the myriad of products available to address these needs. The research devoted to dermal conditions has grown exponentially over last decades and we hope to bring it to you in a from that is applicable to better management and daily care of the skin.

While browsing through the articles, please feel free to post your questions, your experiences with products or treatments you may have had, or your comments and suggestions on what worked for you. It is our hope that this will serve as a supplement to a better understanding of issues related to maintaining healthy skin for all ages, genders, and skin types, and serve as a platform to exchange real-life experiences with skin care products, treatments, and services.

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